When to Visit Williamsburg

The story of Williamsburg’s weather has only two sides: glorious and miserable. Summers, which run from June to August are hot and extremely humid. This diabolical combination makes conditions nearly unbearable. Add to that the throngs of tourists who descend on Colonial Williamsburg each summer during their vacation breaks, and it becomes obvious that this is not the best season to visit.

Winters are equally bleak, but for reason other than the cold. The weather here turns rainy and cool, with a pervasive dampness. However, Williamsburg is simply stunning during the Christmas period, as it becomes decked out with colonial-style decorations and the whole town adopts a festive mood. If you want to experience Colonial Williamsburg at this time, you should make your hotel reservations months in advance, because its charming Christmas ambiance is no secret.3205770006_31e32e1162_b

Perhaps the most pleasant times of year to visit Williamsburg are during the spring and autumn seasons. Springtime is lovely, as the flowers and trees emerge from their winter slumber, and the air is fresh and clear. Autumn is also wonderful, as hundreds of ancient hardwood trees around the city change their colors. Best of all, tourist numbers are at their lowest, which is a greater benefit than you’d imagine.

Williamsburg is a town that caters to tourism, and you’ll find plenty of excellent hotels for every budget in the area. Lodging in and near Colonial Williamsburg will be more expensive than anywhere else in the city, but the ambiance is well worth the extra cost.

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation operates four authentic period-style hotels in the Historic district. They range from the very expensive Williamsburg Inn to the affordable Governor’s Inn. The main advantage of staying in one of the gorgeous restored hotels is that they have all been authentically preserved and have an amazing atmosphere. The other advantage is that guests can receive discounts on admission tickets to the historical area. Reservations are highly recommended, especially during the peak seasons.