Sampling Beer in Dublin

The city of Dublin is famous for producing Guinness and malt whiskey, and people who want to try these delicious brews will find plenty of excellent establishments in which to sit and sample a glass or two. In fact, there are more than 800 different drinking establishments to be found in Dublin, including a large number of traditional Irish pubs. Here is a list of some of Dublin’s best pubs that visitors will want to check out.


People who want to sample traditional beers and ales should make sure they swing by Porterhouse, which is situated on Parliament Street. This is the oldest microbrewery pub in Dublin, and can be found in a large three-storey wooden building. All the stouts, lagers and ales here are produced exclusively by Porterhouse, and people who have a strong sense of adventure will want to try the Oyster Stout, which is made using real oysters.


If you are looking for an authentic Irish drinking experience, pausing for a pint in Palace should be high on your list of things to do in Dublin. The walls of this Fleet Street establishment are adorned with the portraits of many of Dublin’s famo640px-sampling_beers_in_style_at_spinnakersus literary figures, and budding writers are sure to feel right at home as they lean on the aged marble counter and sink a pint or two.

Auld Dubliner

Lovers of live music will find that Auld Dubliner is one of the best places in the city to listen to traditional Irish music in the evening. Situated in the heart of the world famous Temple Bar district, Auld Dubliner is the perfect place to drink and sing along to the house band while sample traditional treats such as coddle, which is a type of stew made from potatoes, bacon and sausage.

Foggy Dew

This charmingly snug pub is also situated in the Temple Bar district and appeals to Dubliners and tourists alike with its traditional Irish pub atmosphere. Live music is played every night of the week here, while the pub offers an excellent selection of Irish drinks, meals and snacks.