Have Fun at the British Beer Festival

Beer lovers from around the world will unite this month to celebrate the Great British Beer Festival. This exciting event will kick off on August 12th at Olympia in London and will run until August 16th. Olympia is one of the largest exhibition centers in London and more than 55,000 people are expected to attend this popular event.

People who enjoy a tipple or double will be able to sip and slurp their way through dozens of free samples in search of the perfect brew. More than nine hundred popular as well as lesser known independent beers from around the United Kingdom will be on offer at the Great British Beer Festival, and each of these beers will be labeled with the name of the brewery, the alcohol content and the style that the beer boasts of such as golden ale, bitter, mild or stout to help make the selection process easier. There will also be a large selection of traditional English ciders made from apples and peers available as well as parries and a range of international beers.gbbf_full

Additionally, a series of tutored tastings and talks will be organized by the Beer Academy to enlighten beer lovers about all aspects of beer so that they can really get the most out of this experience. Some of the leading beer experts will be leading these tastings, including Roger Protz, who is the author of the popular book ‘300 Beers to Try Before You Die’. Find out from the experts exactly which beers you should be drinking and why.

A total of eleven special brewery bars will be set up at the Great British Beer Festival to allow people plenty of space to get their beer. Each of these bars will be run by a different brewery and the selection includes Brains, Greene King, Wells and Young’s and St Austell.